DIY - Homemade Lemonade to wow your friends

With the weather being so warm this past week what better DIY project to do on our Sunday morning than Homemade Lemonade!

Im not the stand at the bench for 2 hours every weekend and squeeze lemons kind of girl ,so I make a tangy sweet lemon syrup every so often and keep it in the fridge for hot days like today. Mix the syrup with some still or soda water and BAM! Fresh squeezed Lemonade in seconds! It makes a great gift too if you still have people on your Christmas list, who doesn't like lemonade!?


lemons , the more the merrier! You are going to zest them until you have about 2 tbsp of zest. Now get juicing , you'll need 3 cups in total - fresh lemon is best but if you really need/want to store bought is a fine substitute. If your neighbour has a lemon tree maybe you could offer to swap some lemons for some of your syrup when you are done?

Once the lemons are juiced, mix 3 cups of sugar with 1 cup of boiling water. When the sugar has dissolved mix in the lemon juice and zest and let thicken a little.

You should end up with around 5 cups of LIQUID GOLD!

To make the Lemonade add about 1/4 cup of the syrup to 3/4 cup of still or soda water depending on your preference and give it a good stir ! Add some ice , lemon slices and mint for a drool worthy hit of tang!

Thats all for today team , remember to slip , slop , slap in that sunshine - or even better find a cane chair in a shady corner to enjoy your lemonade!

Annabel x